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Emereo – from Latin - meaning I earn (merit) by service, or I complete my obligation to serve.

This is at the core of our company.  Emereo is designed to serve our clients by delivering content and knowledge to those who need it and benefit from it. In every way we want to do this job correctly so we can honestly say that we deserve to earn our merits.

Emereo Pty Ltd has developed this desire into two separate business models:

1.       Emereo Learning

2.       Emereo Publishing

About Emereo Learning

Education is needs to be delivered on demand. The student has to be in charge of their learning experience, and this is especially true for professional adult education. This desire for on demand learning was the basis for this innovative approach to professional learning.

The exam preparation is subscription based. This service is for the ‘die hard’ student who needs to do a series of professional development programs and want to make sure they are well prepared for their exams. The exam programs give a summary of most important theory components and study details as well as a series of exam style preparation questions with answer guides.

The online learning programs are ‘pay as you go’ and cover a range of subjects for career driven IT Professionals.

For more information on Emereo Learning visit http://emereolearning.com

About Emereo Publishing

Emereo Publishing started operation in 2005 because we needed an outlet for our niche market educational publications. In the past years the company has grown to be an innovator in the way we create and distribute books, eBooks and corporate magazines.

What started off with publications around IT education and exam preparation has grown to include a series of cook books, professional development, general interest and classic literature.

It is all based around the understanding of our target audience who need some understanding of a subject or topic but doesn’t want to have to do all the research.  Our readers simply want the information presented to in the form of a book or magazine.  Our readers want the knowledge instantly without having to wait for books to arrive, or having to go out to the book store.

These are the desires, needs and wishes that are fulfilled by Emereo Publishing. We deliver publications on demand, either as eBook or paperback book.

Emereo Publishing sells direct to the public via our online store and through a network of distributors and retailers.