Universal Disk Format – Compatibility

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Many DVD players do not aid whatever UDF alteration different compared to variant 1.02. Discs generated with a recently developed alteration might nevertheless work in those participants if the ISO 9660 span setup is applied. Even if an Operating System asserts to be capable to interpret UDF 1.50, it nevertheless might solely aid the simple shape and not inevitably whichever the VAT either Spared UDF constructs.

Mac OS X 10.4.5 asserts to aid Revision 1.50 (see individual mount_udf), up till now it may solely stage drives of the simple shape correctly and delivers no virtualization aid at all. It can’t stage UDF drives with VAT, as noticed with the Sony Mavica subject. Releases beforehand 10.4.11 stage drives with Sparing Table however does not interpret its files accurately. Version 10.4.11 fixes this difficulty.

Similarly, Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) can’t interpret DVD-RW drives that employ the UDF 2.00 sparing boards like a fault administration configuration. This difficulty happens if the UDF fault administration configuration produces a sparing table that extends further compared to one segment on the DVD-RW flat circular plate. Windows XP SP2 may acknowledge that a DVD is utilizing UDF, however Windows Explorer screens the contents of a DVD as an void booklet. A hotfix is accessible aimed at this and is contained within Service Pack 3.

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